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The official UX design process - does it exist?

Uncovered UX process: why one size doesn't fit all in design. “There is no ‘design process’, but you should ‘design your process’.”

David Quill | Tuesday 24 January 2023

On many occasions in my career, I have been asked the same question time and time again - “what is *your* UX design process?”. My reply often takes the interviewer by surprise, which is “I don’t have one”. A few awkward seconds of silence are met with relief when I continue with “and let me explain why”.


To understand why I don’t have a UX design process, we must go back to the frequently-asked question, “What is UX Design?”. And I don’t intend to answer that question tediously. Here is my take:


“A UX designer acquires a combination of specialist skills - they are the glue that holds together psychology and computer science with human researchers and architects.”


In fact, I should imagine - if you wanted - you could spend a lifetime acquiring PhD’s in your pursuit of becoming the ultimate UX Designer. Although, that wouldn’t do much good, as you would have long retired by this point.


So, as a mere mortal UX Designer - one that doesn’t have the finances, energy or motivation to acquire multiple PhD’s - how do we make it work? The short answer is that education never stops, which is true in most professions. However, in the case of a UX Designer, there is likely never a finish line. You will never truly master this extremely broad and complex role, and you have to be comfortable with that prospect.


How I view my growth in UX and Product Design is similar to video gaming. Yes, really… video gaming! In many role-playing video games, you can spend hours building your character. It’s usually structured by levelling up and acquiring new skills for your character. The more skills you acquire, the more powerful you become, and the more powerful you become, usually, the game becomes a little easier… gradually. The same goes for UX design. Can a UX designer get by with average knowledge and skills? Yes, of course.


However, to become great at UX design, education never stops.


Now, back to the purpose of this article, is there an official UX design process?


To put it simply, there is no ‘design process’, but you should ‘design your process’. What I mean by that is, every project, product and vision differs, and requires a unique, customised approach to solutionise a best-in-class product for the client.



“There is no ‘design process’, but you should ‘design your process’.”


At Bamburai, we continuously evolve our skillsets - in terms of our video game analogy, we’re constantly levelling up our in-game character. This ensures that there is no product too complex, no project or problem too difficult to solve.


Each member of our team - whether design or business development - has an upskill roadmap set out each year, and one they must adhere to. This is not only an investment for their own growth but for Bamburai also.


As individuals and as a team, Bamburai continue to grow - we continue to level up our character.