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10 Questions with Angelo Nieto

Introducing Angelo Nieto - the mastermind behind Bamburai's brand elevation. From Colombia, Angelo has bestowed upon Bamburai a distinct brand aesthetic that resonates both within our team and in our collaborations with clients.

David Quill | Wednesday 25 October 2023

10 Questions with Angelo Nieto

Introducing Angelo Nieto – the mastermind behind Bamburai's brand elevation. From Colombia, Angelo has bestowed upon Bamburai a distinct brand aesthetic that resonates both within our team and in our collaborations with clients. Celebrated for his meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled skill in enhancing brand identities, Angelo is the epitome of elite brand designing. At present, he is pouring his talents into refining Bamburai's brand, ensuring it sparkles uniquely across our website and social channels.

Passion for Branding: "Angelo, what sparked your passion for brand design, and how have you refined your expertise over time?"

My journey as a designer has largely been self-driven. I'm fervently passionate about creation, expression, and embracing change. I began this voyage into design five years ago, striving for versatility across creative spheres, from producing digital content to venturing into advertising graphics. My explorations have also taken me into contemplative photography, album cover designs, and graphics which bridge the gap between art and introspection. I've had the honor of displaying my work in various spaces in Colombia and even Swiss museums. This trajectory has enabled me to appreciate 'designing for designers', and the essence of aesthetic quality. I've channelled this understanding into my real passion: brand creation. Branding, for me, goes beyond just crafting an icon or a logo; it's about building an ideology, a movement, and a tangible essence for the brand.


Bamburai's Brand Evolution: "What guided the direction of Bamburai's brand evolution, and how do you foresee its influence on our audience?"

For Bamburai's new branding phase, I aimed to better mirror the brand's forward-looking vision. Inspired by generative design, neo-minimalistic future aesthetics, and a refined minimalist touch, we introduced new elements, emphasizing gradients and generative 3D combined with a more open text layout.

The visual changes offer a fresh graphic perspective, distancing us from typical agencies while underscoring our brand's principles. Our aspiration is for our aesthetics to depict the harmony between human ingenuity and technological advancement.

Balancing Global and Local: "Given your Colombian roots and your global contributions at Bamburai, how do you navigate global design sensibilities and local nuances?"

While design is a universal language, context, culture, and local ideologies play pivotal roles in effective communication. Growing up in a Western country, I learned to adjust and explore diverse messaging styles. For a brand, determining its voice, its communication strategy, and its intended perception is vital.


Challenges in Branding: "Every branding endeavor presents challenges. Can you recount a particular project that tested your limits, and how you managed it?"

I deeply value teamwork, especially in high-stakes projects. Once, I took on a solo project, branding an electronic music festival named Extra Festival. This entailed setting the visual tone for the festival's debut and then expanding into various brand assets with tight deadlines.

Success hinged on meticulous time management for each deliverable. This experience underscored the significance of teamwork, ensuring we don't overstretch and jeopardize quality.

Influence on Client Work: "What's your approach to client projects, especially when translating their brand essence into design?"

My process follows four main steps, starting with the Briefing and Moodboard, followed by the Concept phase. Upon understanding the project, I brainstorm keywords or ideas linked to the brand's dynamics. After establishing this foundation, the creative phase kicks in. Post this, client interaction helps refine the final output. Upon approval, we move to production, ensuring every element resonates with the brand's essence.

Future of Brand Design: "With the dynamic nature of design, where do you envision brand design heading in the upcoming years?"

Branding will continue its evolution, mirrored in brand communication, perception, and audience engagement. I anticipate a heightened emphasis on forging authentic connections between brands and audiences, where logos, brand universes, and graphic communication work cohesively.


Advice for Aspiring Designers: "What insights or advice would you share with budding brand designers?"

Beginning in this domain requires clarity about your strengths. Within branding, distinct sectors demand unique aesthetics. Immersing yourself in design-centric content is crucial. Platforms like Behance, Savee, and Pinterest have been indispensable for me. Constantly consuming design helps sharpen one's aesthetic discernment, facilitating better design decisions.

Staying Inspired: "How do you sustain inspiration in brand design?"

Creativity isn't a constant; we all encounter dry spells. During these periods, seeking diverse perspectives, drawing from other creatives, and sometimes even starting afresh can reignite the spark. Consistency in nurturing a creative process is paramount. For inspiration, I draw from music, films, museums, and any form of art.

Dream Branding Project: "Do you have a dream project or a challenge you're keen to take on?"

Ambient or experimental music projects, where design complements the disruptive nature of the music, hold a special place for me. In branding, I'm inclined towards projects that let me innovate. Fashion and streetwear brands are particularly intriguing.


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